Christophe Rhodes

Well, who am I? If you are uninterested in the answer to that question, you have come to the wrong place. As an added extra bonus, this information has been updated for the new millennium.

OK. I suppose we'd better start with the cringe-making personal bit. Variously described as physicist, mathematician, musician and “that bloke with the stupid hair”, I spend some of my day in DAMTP allegedly doing research, and the rest running around Cambridge trying to keep up with all my musical activities (briefly, JCMS, the Mixed Choir at Jesus College, the Lark Ensemble, les Joly Boys, and various ad hoc groups). So if you see someone looking a little stressed, it could be me.

I'm also a bit of a geek; I have been known to programme, even if I disagree on the spelling with the vast majority. As iconoclast extraordinaire, I reject the consensus that says that badly-written C++ programmes are the way forward, instead focussing on writing my code in languages such as Scheme and ANSI Common Lisp.

In other words, I'm really quite boring. So why don't you turn off your computer and do something more interesting instead...

Sorry - no pictures. I'm non-photogenic, and I want to present myself in the best possible light.

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