Code and computing

From time to time, I do something computerese that some people find useful. I help administer the College student webserver, zeus (corny, I know -- my vote went for “spider”).

As a programmer, I reject recent abominations such as Perl for programmes longer than one line; for anything that is more complex, precise expressiveness is much more important than the ability to damage people's brains with random punctuation. So instead I use Common Lisp and Scheme; scheme scripts, for instance, generate the JCMS website, while I have written a numerical integrator in Common Lisp as part of my Ph. D. project; Debian packages are also available.

Apart from this, I have knowledge of TeX and LaTeX for document processing, Lilypond for music typesetting, C and FORTRAN for interfacing with the rest of the scientific community, IDL for drawing pretty graphs and shell script for what is probably the least functional menu programme ever.

I have started packaging up bits and pieces of lisp; common-lisp-controller compatible debian packages of Mark Kantrowitz' infix and metering packages, ilisp and sbcl are available with the following apt.sources lines:

deb local lisp
deb-src local lisp
The grand plan with these is to package up as much stuff as possible, with a view of forming a Comprehensive Lisp Archive Network (like CTAN for TeX).

There are also experimental builds of various things floating around in:

deb local experimental
deb-src local experimental
If those break something, you get to keep both parts. Currently there seem to be galeon and mozilla packages in there (compiled against the unofficial mozilla 0.8 packages).

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