Computer projects

``Projects'' is maybe too formal a description; some of them are just trying things out (but others are a little more serious). A general theme, if any, is production of pretty pictures...


Well, I'll make a start with my "Modelmaker" stuff; this is a program which deals with certain 3D objects, often polyhedra (symmetrical 3D objects made up of flat pieces). Stellations of them can be calculated - See here for more detail with pictures.

I've recently been working on an extension to create polyhedra from scratch (i.e. an input of a few numbers which are its mathematical classification). More stuff here soon, for now: picture picture


Autostereograms (I hate the term "random dot stereograms" or whatever for some reason) can be produced from output from Modelmaker (or elsewhere).

I've put a couple of examples here and here.


I've also written a program which simulates diffaction. It seems to actually produce some believable results: have a look at some of my messings around.

Other dabblings

As experiments: ``interactive'' Moiré patterns with a CGI script and with Java (doesn't seem to work on older browsers).

I like playing around with the POV-RAY ray tracer, and have used it to raytrace models produced by the Modelmaker program, with some quite good results such as this.


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