Yes, I'm afraid all this information has got to be here.

And I ought to display this too, I suppose. Not a wonderful picture.

Picture of me

OK, I'll get on with it. I'm Edwin Carter, primarily a (Part III i.e. 4th year) Physics student at Jesus College, Cambridge. Specific subject interests haven't really crystallised yet, although I reckon I'm more into tiny things than giant ones. I'm generally a theoretical physicist, although I can sometimes be tempted into experimentation (as long as I don't have to do any error calculations...)

My hobbies, beyond those subject-related, are mainly bell-ringing and music.

I am a Christian.


This includes both playing and listening. I play the clarinet, although I'm steadily getting more out of practice as time goes by. This is somewhat rectified by playing in JCMS sometimes. I used to play recorders (and would like to get back in practice), and tinkle about on the piano sometimes. Listening-wise, I enjoy anything from Bach to Stravinsky. I couldn't give favourites, but my specialities, if you like, are Prokofiev's Fifth and various bits of Hindemith.


There is much more to ringing than pulling a rope; its `aim' is to go through all the different possible orders a set of bells can be arranged in. Fortunately, this often leads to nice music, pretty patterns, and interesting mathematics (if you're that way inclined). More detailed introduction at Change Ringing Information (MIT), further links see CUGCR.


I am a Christian, and more specifically a Catholic (although I haven't completely made up my mind on many aspects!). Following are some of my (random, unrefined) thoughts on matters...


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