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Danger! Don't look at this if you're not a physicist, and it probably won't even be funny to most physicists.

Here is a random selection of quotes from lecturers (Part II), which we found amusing at the time, or are amusing taken out of context. More submissions very welcome, and thanks to those who have already added to this list.

Dr Eugene Terentjev (Theoretical Physics, TP1)

Dr Guna Rajagopal (Theoretical Physics, TP2)

Prof. Malcolm Longair (Concepts in Physics)

Dr Tom White (Nuclear Physics)

Halfway through a lecture on nuclear bombs: ``I have a demonstration... but we'll leave it to the end because I can't really carry on after it, as you will see.''

Dr Steve Julian (Thermal & Statistical Physics)

Now we move on to a small selection of Part III quotes.

Dr Bill Allison (Solid State Physics)

About a poster: "Did you understand it? Well, neither do I. Load of rubbish!"

Dr Nick Manton (Quantum Field Theory)

Prof Sir Martin Rees

D Gough

Dr David Mackay (Information Theory)

Dr Carlo Ewerz (Gauge Field Theory)

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Personal niggles/obsessions

I crusade against mispronunciation of `kilometre'; it's difficult to write down but it should be kilo-meetr not kil-OMeterr, the latter of which would be a device for counting kils. Think about how `centimetre' and `kilogram' are pronounced, and remember for `micrometer'/`micrometre' the two pronunciations have different meanings.

And, on scientific English, misuse of `finite' is extremely confusing. It should mean `not infinite' rather than `non-zero'; zero is a finite number. I propose the use of `finitessimal' to fill the gap as a word to describe a larger-than-infinitessimal number.

Thirdly, please don't muddle ``lose'' and ``loose''. ``Lose'' means misplace, ``loose'' means set free.

Sorry. Others to subject you to will follow.


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